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來源:http://www.zzzjzh.com/ 發布時間:2021-12-13
Cutting saw
Take the CNC fixed length saw that is currently sold well as an example: the CNC fixed length double head precision cutting sawing machine for aluminum doors and windows is mainly used for cutting the thermal insulation bridge broken aluminum profile of doors and windows and the aluminum profile of curtain wall. It is controlled by the CNC fixed length system, the cutting size is accurate, and the two angle buttons of 45 degrees and 90 degrees are automatically switched, which can realize large-scale production and processing.
System door and window equipment
Corner saw
Take the commonly used heavy-duty corner code saw as an example: the full-automatic heavy-duty corner code cutting saw for aluminum doors and windows is dedicated to the cutting of system door and window corner codes. The profile only needs to be installed manually once, and all processing processes are completed automatically by the machine. The number of cuts is displayed digitally, with high efficiency, and it is guaranteed that there are no residual sharp corners when cutting 3mm long corner codes.
System door and window processing equipment
End milling
Take the middle end milling with high cost performance as an example: the aluminum profile end milling machine is suitable for milling the aluminum profile end faces of doors and windows in various systems. The blade height and position can be adjusted according to different profiles, with high production efficiency. It can process 4 to 6 profiles at a time.
Aluminum profile processing equipment

Angle forming machine
Take the following sinking angle assembling machine as an example: the sinking heavy synchronous angle assembling machine for aluminum doors and windows is a special equipment for the production of high-grade system doors and windows, which is suitable for 90 ° angle connection of angle code structural system doors and windows. Based on the traditional synchronous angle assembling machine, the worktable is increased, and the internal positioning can be lowered under the worktable, which is convenient for taking and placing materials during angle assembling.
Heat insulation broken bridge aluminum processing equipment
Profiling milling
The high-speed single axis profiling milling machine is mainly used for milling the holes and grooves of pulley holes, lock holes and hardware parts of the drainage grooves of doors and windows.
Thermal insulation bridge broken aluminum door and window equipment
Hardware punch
It is mainly used for stamping the installation holes and slots of door and window hardware in the flat opening system.
System door and window equipment
The above wonderful content comes from the introduction and sharing of system door and window processing equipment of Jinan Tianxin CNC Equipment Co., Ltd. please continue to pay attention to us for more content: http://www.zzzjzh.com